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Potenza S001

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For the ultimate drive it has to be Potenza S001, the ultimate performance tyre.

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Ultra High Performance

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Tyre Details

For the ultimate drive it has to be Potenza S001, the ultimate performance tyre. With new optimum block rigidity offering better traction and improved braking performance, it combines high-speed capabilities with a quiet, comfortable, safer ride.

Key Features

  • 2 Steel Belts - Provide high levels of tyre durability

  • Handling

  • Spiral Wrap - A continuous nylon wrap that provides a high level of uniformity, helping the tyre hold its original shape, and enhancing performance

  • Straight Centre Grooves

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology
195/55R16 87V
205/55R16 91V
225/50R16 92W
205/45R17 84W
205/50R17 89W
225/45R17 91W
225/50R17 94W
225/55R17 97W
245/40R17 91W
245/45R17 95W
225/35R18 87Y XL
225/40R18 88Y
225/40R18 92Y XL
225/45R18 91W
225/45R18 95W XL
225/45R18 91Y
225/45R18 95Y XL MOE
225/45R18 95Y XL MO
235/50R18 97V
245/35R18 88Y
245/35R18 92Y XL
245/40R18 93Y AO
245/40R18 97Y XL MOE
245/40R18 97Y XL MO
245/45R18 96W
245/50R18 100Y
255/40R18 95Y
265/40R18 101Y XL
285/35R18 97Y MOE
225/35R19 88Y XL
225/40R19 93W XL
225/40R19 89Y
225/40R19 93Y XL
225/45R19 92W
235/40R19 92Y
235/40R19 96Y XL AO
235/45R19 95W
245/35R19 93Y XL AO
245/45R19 102Y XL MOE
245/45R19 102Y XL
245/45R19 98Y
255/35R19 92Y
255/35R19 96Y XL MOE
255/35R19 96Y XL
255/35R19 96Y AO
265/35R19 94Y
275/40R19 101Y MOE
275/40R19 101Y
285/30R19 98Y XL MOE
215/45R20 95W XL
245/40R20 99W XL
245/40ZR20 95Y XL
245/40R20 99Y *
255/35R20 97Y XL
255/40ZR20 101Y XL
275/35R20 102Y XL
295/35ZR20 105Y XL

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